DIY Tack Trunk Plans

Update 12/2/2015: The PayPal link hadn't been working, but it is fixed and working now!

Do it yourself and make your own tack trunk! If you are interested in purchasing plans to build this tack trunk, we'd be happy to sell them to you for $35. After payment is made via PayPal, you will receive a link to follow and allow you to print the PDF document. If you have any troubles please contact me directly at dock(dot)start(at)gmail(dot)com. This design is original and created entirely by my Hubby.
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Please note: Sometimes the instant link feature is temperamental. If for some reason it isn't working please contact me directly at the email above, and I will get the plans to you ASAP. Thanks!


About my trunk:

In December 2011, my awesome Huby surprised me on Christmas morning with the beginnings of a tack trunk! By the end of February 2012, it was completed and in my tack room.

The Final Product (Related Blog Post Here)
The Final Product (Related Blog Post Here)

Trunk Stats:
  • Exterior Dimensions: 24"W x 38"L x 28.5"H
  • Wood: Maple Plywood & Solid Maple Trim
  • Stain: Chemcraft, color: harvest
  • Varnish: Lacquer
  • Hardware: Nickle plated piano hinge; large zinc plated steel case corners; chrome swivel hasp; heavy duty nickle handles; gas shock & steel monogram name plate.
  • Cost: Wood, stain and varnish were laying about or given to us for free. Hardware cost a total of $82.62 w/shipping. If you live in a big city, you could probably buy many of these locally and avoid shipping fees.

 The Building Process
On Christmas Morning. (Related blog post here)
Adding the trim work. (Related blog post here)
All trimmed up. (Related blog post here)
Getting stain & varnish. (Related blog post here)
Varnish complete, outside view. (Related blog post here)
Varnish complete, inside view. (Related blog post here)
Chrome trunk feet. (Related blog post here)
Zinc plated steel trunk (case) corners. (Related blog post here)
Hardware installed. (Related blog post here)
The Final Product (Related Blog Post Here)
The Final Product (Related Blog Post Here)

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