Gentry (aka G-Love)

Gentry, August 2015

My current love of my life horse is Gentry. I purchased him on September 2nd, 2014, after I decided to take a brief hiatus from our weekend getaway at my family's lake house and go try him. I instantly liked him and agreed to purchase him with a one week trial period. He passed the pre-purchase exam with flying colors and his gentle, calm, non-reactive personality won me over so I decided to keep him as my next prospect and future family/husband/kid horse.

Gentry was born May 5th, 2008. He is by Gold Bayou T B (Thoroughbred) and out of Princess Fiona (Clydesdale) and was bred by Seven Mile Ranch in Ronan, Montana, ( He was started as a five year old during the summer of 2013 with 30 days under saddle training, and had just a handful of rides before I purchased him in 2014. He is registered as Gentry with the Performance Horse Registry (PHR) and has his lifetime card with the USEF.

Gentry's Sire, Gold Bayou T B

Baby Gentry and
dam Princess Fiona.



  • September 2: Already started under saddle including jumping. Has all his basic ground manners. He ties, leads, loads, picks up feet, and longes.
  • September 5: Now accepts fly spray and trimming with clippers; ears, muzzle, and fetlocks
  • October 21: Our first solo trail ride together
  • October 23: First time wearing all four sport boots on his legs
  • October 29: Wore a turnout blanket for the first time
  • November 9: Our first log jump together
  • November 23: Our first group trail ride and first ride down to the park arena. First time riding in an arena together
  • November 25: First time in cross-ties


  • April 20: First creek crossing
  • May 30: First Horse Show - W/T Hunter Under Saddle, mane and tail braids
  • June 28: First Dressage Show - Intro B and First Blue Ribbon!
  • August 1: Dressage Show - Intro A (Blue Ribbon) & Intro B (Red Ribbon)
  • December 24: First time pulling a sled
  • December 25: First time skijoring, pulling a skier


  • January 1: My first time skijoriong behind Gentry
  • July 9 & 10: Gentry's first recognized dressage show, Training Level


  • June 5: First time ponying another horse

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