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All Smiles After Gentry's First Dressage Show

Welcome to my blog. Over the years this blog has changed and morphed a bit. Chapter One was all about Rose, my fancy warm-blood mare whom I had to sell after JR was born. Time passed, we bought horse property and Chapter Two began with Gentry. Please visit the archives if you would like to read the story from the start, with the day I bought Rose.

I am "Renee", and I often mention my husband "Hubs" and our pre-school age son "JR". These are our pen names in blog land. We live on a small five-acre horse hobby farm in Southwest Montana. Purchased in 2014, this is the first "farm" we've owned, which has lead to a lot of interesting "adventures". As such, these days the blog includes a lot of topics ranging from farm keeping, to renovation projects, and training horses.

Off the farm, I have a fulfilling self-employed part-time career and I am a full-time stay at home mom. Regardless of how busy I get though, I continue to spend my spare time pursuing my love of riding, advancing my skills, and training my horse. A quest that I am loving and will no doubt spend the rest of my life achieving!

A Bit About Gentry (G-Love)

Gentry, August 2015

My current love of my life training project is Gentry. I purchased him on September 2nd, 2014, after I decided to take a brief hiatus from our weekend getaway at my family's lake house and go try him. I instantly liked him and agreed to purchase him with a one week trial period. He passed the pre-purchase exam with flying colors and his gentle, calm, non-reactive personality won me over so I decided to keep him as my next prospect and future family/husband/kid horse.

Gentry was born May 5th, 2008. He is by Gold Bayou T B (Thoroughbred) and out of Princess Fiona (Clydesdale) and was bred by Seven Mile Ranch in Ronan, Montana, (www.allbreedpedigree.com). He was started as a five year old during the summer of 2013 with 30 days under saddle training, and had just a handful of rides before I purchased him in 2014. He is registered as Gentry with the Performance Horse Registry (PHR) and has his lifetime card with the USEF.

Gentry's Sire, Gold Bayou T B

Baby Gentry and
dam Princess Fiona.



  • September 2: Already started under saddle including jumping. Has all his basic ground manners. He ties, leads, loads, picks up feet, and longes.
  • September 5: Now accepts fly spray and trimming with clippers; ears, muzzle, and fetlocks
  • October 21: Our first solo trail ride together
  • October 23: First time wearing all four sport boots on his legs
  • October 29: Wore a turnout blanket for the first time
  • November 9: Our first log jump together
  • November 23: Our first group trail ride and first ride down to the park arena. First time riding in an arena together
  • November 25: First time in cross-ties


  • April 20: First creek crossing
  • May 30: First Horse Show - W/T Hunter Under Saddle, mane and tail braids
  • June 28: First Dressage Show - Intro B and First Blue Ribbon!
  • August 1: Dressage Show - Intro A (Blue Ribbon) & Intro B (Red Ribbon)
  • December 24: First time pulling a sled
  • December 25: First time skijoring, pulling a skier


  • January 1: My first time skijoriong behind Gentry
  • July 9 & 10: Gentry's first recognized dressage show, Training Level

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