About Me

About Me

Rose, 2013, one of my last rides on her and JR's first ride on a horse.
Welcome to my blog, Adventures in Colt Starting. It was aptly named in the beginning, but over the years has changed a bit, as have the characters. Chapter One started in 2009 with Rose, my fancy ISR mare whom I bought as an un-started 2.5year old and sadly had to sell four years later, after JR was born. Time passed, we bought horse property and Chapter Two began with Gentry and Pixel. Please visit the archives if you would like to read the story from the start, with the day I bought Rose.

May 2015; all smiles after Gentry's first dressage show
I am "Renee", and I often mention my husband "Hubs" and our elementary school age son "JR". These are our pen names in blog land. We live on a small five-acre horse hobby farm in Southwest Montana. Purchased in 2014, this is the first "farm" we've owned, which has lead to a lot of interesting "adventures". While the focus of the blog remains on training topics, I often broach other equine topics ranging from farm keeping to renovation projects.

Off the farm, I have a fulfilling self-employed career that I insanely try to balance with being a stay at home mom. Regardless of how busy I get though, I continue to spend my spare time pursuing my love of riding, advancing my skills, and training my horse (and pony). A quest that I am loving and will no doubt spend the rest of my life achieving!

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