August 14, 2017

Hay Bale Jumps

I just returned from the first real vacation we've taken in nine years. The past nine days have been spent unplugged from the world while floating on a small yacht somewhere in the inside passage. It was nice to get a lot of reading in and just plain relax for once. Reading for some reason also causes me to want to write. Even if that writing is done, painstakingly, one finger tip at a time on a tablet with no keyboard that I managed to pry from my five year old's death grip. During the trip we occasionally came to port, which in these modern times would have intermittent internet access, allowing me to upload text only blog posts (as you may have noticed). Otherwise, there was no phone calls, no emails, no technology in my life and it was delightful. We managed to fill the technology void with a lot of salmon, crab, and prawns. A lot of them. It was tasty.

Now we are back.

Upon returning last night I was delighted to see that the fields in our neighborhood have been baled. Normally I just look at them and see hay bales, and vermin control. Not this year. All I can think of is riding around in the field and willy-nilly jumping those bales. I am itching to do this today, but with our return also came the rain. Rain we really need, and haven't seen in a long while. So, no riding today unless things dry out by this evening (sadly, this is entirely possible). Tomorrow though...

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