July 7, 2017

A Boy and His Pony

Learning to post at the walk
Pixel has quickly become part of the family, and JR has been enjoying riding him. JR is still on the leadline, but I'm trusting Pixel enough that I think he's ready to ride solo on a longeline at least. Baby steps. Regardless, Pixel continues to be a love and JR adores him.

JR and Pixel's first ride consisted of walk and a little trot on the lead. I also introduced him to the concept of posting and had him practice it at the walk. He did quite good at the walk, but I just let him sit at the trot. He loved trotting! It was the first trot JR ever experienced and he couldn't get enough. The entire time he laughed and wanted to go faster, of course. However, Mom isn't quite ready to see them canter off into the sunset. JR had a blast though and it is my goal to have him ride Pixel at least once a week this summer.
Happy Kiddo!



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