May 6, 2017

Summer Dayz

In true Montana style, after snowing last week, it has been in the 80's for the last three days. The grass has grown like crazy and today the trees are finally starting to put out leaves. I seriously have weather whiplash, but I will NEVER complain about the hot weather. I love it so! 
Post Bath, shiny clean boy!

The warm weather has dried up our grass arena, allowing me to ride regularly this week. It has also finally allowed me to give Gentry a few much needed baths. I can finally run a comb through his ginormous thick tail. That is a glorious thing!

Unfortunately, riding regularly alone in the arena has caused an old issue to raise it's head again. Gentry gets bad anxiety about being alone in our arena. I've never had him alone anywhere else, so I don't know if it is just our arena or not. Everywhere I haul him to has horses, so he is content and is easy to work with when we haul places, as he's not concerned with a particular horse. He just doesn't like being alone. I know eventually he will get over it, as he did last year, but it is frustrating to ride a tense anxious horse day after day. At this point, all I can think to do is to put in some tie posts at the arena and pony Daq down to the arena with us when I ride. We have a schooling show in two weeks, and I really don't think we will be ready at this rate. Unless they ask us to ride our test like a giraffe while cross cantering on the wrong lead. Then we will kick some arse!

At the very least, I got some fairly nice photos of G-Love playing in the pasture today. Enjoy the photo bomb.
Hello suspension. Note that the pasture grass is 4" tall and he's clearing that by quite a bit!

Kind of a derpy photo, as he's changing direction, but check out the muscle tone on his haunches! 
Such a cute face

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