May 31, 2017

Big Meets Little

For the last week, Gentry and Daiquiri have been ogling Pixel from a distance. I wanted to quarantine Pixel for a week to make sure that he didn't come down with something, so I've been keeping him in our front paddock. Tuesday was the one week mark since his arrival, so it was time to start introducing the boys.

After having turned Gentry out for a half hour in the main pasture, I grabbed him and let him sniff noses with Pixel over the fence. This went well. Oddly, Gentry squealed a bit, which I have never heard him do with another horse before. Otherwise, there were no fireworks, so I put him in with Pixel. This went very well. They walked around, grazed, groomed, drank together, and licked the salt lick together.

Mini-Me! I'm sure most of the neighbors will think Gentry had a baby.
Not even remotely joking here.

I was feeling smug. Gentry is a perfect unicorn that can do no wrong. Clearly evidenced by him being completely adorable with his Mini-Me in the paddock.

After they had been together for a half hour, I thought I'd put them in the dry lot together to keep getting acquainted. The main reason for this was that I didn't want Pixel eating any more grass for the day.

Holy $hit, Batman!

That was a bad idea, as can be evidenced by the lack of photos. The very moment they were both in the dry lot, Gentry went ballistic on poor Pixel, running him down and trying to attack him in every possible way. Luckily Hubs was on hand at this point, and with the aid of a very long longewhip, we were able to get Gentry off of Pixel, and put him back in his paddock.

Luckily there seemed to be no injuries, just a particularly bewildered pony, and horse owner. It seems the herd introduction needs to be a bit more gradual and a new approach devised...


  1. Oh my goodness. I've had this experience! Brought home my then 4 month old welsh cob filly and turned her out with my 21 year old thoroughbred. THey were doing well in their paddock together so I turned them out in the pasture. Que the TB aggressively running down the baby and smashing her in to the fence. Thankfully she only had 1 scrape and the naughty one slipped and fell so I was able to get the baby out. Gradual introductions are no joke! Also, they ended up being just fine together!

    1. Thanks for mentioning that! I remember reading about it at the time. How long did you wait before trying them together again?

    2. I'm not sure...maybe a month? What I would do is take them out to the pasture and keep Roz on a lead. I did that for a while and then they "graduated" to Roz off the lead but still with his halter on so I could catch him more easily. I may have taken it slower than was necessary but I did not want a repeat of that ordeal.

  2. Oh my! Glad everyone is ok. Sure they'll be chummy in no time. Very cute, congrats on your baby, Gentry, LOL!

    1. I hope so, especially given that part of the reason for getting Pixel was so that Gentry or Daq would have a buddy when the other was out for a ride!

  3. Damn! And it was going so well...



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