January 16, 2017

The Farm Renovation Blog is Back

I know, I know, you come here for your love of Gentry, and to hear all about how he is my personal unicorn (yes, he poops glitter, really...especially if you dip horse cookies in Elmer's glue and glitter before feeding him. Just kidding, I'd never do that...really).

Just in case you have interests outside of the horse world. Yeah, I know, supposedly there is life outside horses. Crazy, I know. I digress. If you like things like house and farm renovations then you might be interested in my other blog, which you may not know about. So that's what I am here to tell you about today.

I had started the blog in 2014 when we moved in. However, as time went by I found that I needed to take a break from the renovation blog for a while. At the time there was just so much other stuff in my life to do, and as it was I have struggled to maintain Adventures in Colt Starting.

However, we are back and focusing on the renovations again, so the blog is back. Unfortunately I had irrationally deleted the blog, and therefore can't just get the name back. Luckily I did save all my old posts and have added them to the new blog. Wow, a lot has changed in two years! Anyhow, the blog is back but with a new name and URL. If you'd like to follow along you can join me at:

Aparagus Rising

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