January 23, 2017

Saddle Disappointment

I had an amazing experience with the saddle fitter on Thursday. She was so generous with her time and knowledge. I learned a lot.

As it turns out the Ryder Lux did not fit Gentry...nor me! While it could have been adjusted and re-flocked to fit him, there is not much you can do to make a saddle fit a rider. The biggest issue with it was that the the flap was too long for my leg. Also, it seems that it has been adjusted before, because it was very wide for a MW saddle. Being that it has a standard English tree, it could be adjusted again, but from my understanding you don't want to do that too much with that sort of tree or it gets really weak. So, that was a big bummer. It really was quite a nice saddle and comfortable to sit in.

However, the saddle fitter brought along a few other used saddles for me to try and I had a good time getting to sit in a few saddles that I've never tried before, and also a few that I am familiar with...one of which I am currently keeping on trial. More to come on that...


  1. Bummer about the Ryder, but it's good to get so much more information!

  2. Saddle fitting is no fun! Good luck finding something new, there are some good deals out there right now :)



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