May 17, 2016

Outside Rein

It's always the outside rein, is it not? Oddly it's just my left outside rein. The right outside rein is just peachy. For some reason I have a death grip on the left outside rein which is in-turn causing me to have an even bigger death grip on the inside rein. So, that is one of the big a-ha moments of my lesson yesterday. The other aspect of life that Gentry is having to learn/accept is contact. He's making progress, but trying the typical baby tricks of blocking (probably my fault because...outside rein), then trying to duck behind the bit since he's not allowed to go up, then we inch our way forward and he finds the sweet spot, only to loose it an instant later. Rinse and repeat. Lastly, he also has to trot like a normal friggin' horse whistle attempting to seek contact. Though he may never make it to 3rd level, he could definitely rock the piaffe. He thinks that's easier than trotting while on the bit! 'Tis a sight to behold.

The list above may not seem that big, but it is actually a lot to complete in the next 2 months. We need to be ready for training level come July, as I sent my show entry and 'UGE check off in the mail this morning. Dressage under the Big Sky I & II here we come. May we stay sound and not make complete fools of ourselves! That's all I am asking for.

1 comment:

  1. I'm working on my outside aids, but I have the opposite problem - I don't use them enough!



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