May 2, 2016

Lessons & Showing

This past Friday I had my first lesson with my trainer in almost three years! That is hard for my brain to process/accept. Yes my friends, having a kid changes everything, at least for the first few years. JR also turned four on Friday. It seems like just yesterday I was planning to make some saddle pads, but made a baby instead. Remember that post?

The lesson was terrific. G-Love was calm and had no anxiety about being in a new place. He settled in quickly and got straight to work. He and I have so much to work on, which I knew hence the lesson, but now we finally have the direction I was seeking. I am hoping to start regular weekly lessons at the end of May, once JR is out of pre-school for the summer and I have better access to my babysitter. For now lessons will unfortunately be spread out because of schedule conflicts.

Mostly our lesson revolved around Gentry learning to be a big boy, and accept/seek out contact and bend his body on a circle. Lots of balancing inside and outside rein stuff. I'd explain it in greater detail, but you know, outside rein. Great things to work on, and he did well, retaining what he learned and building on it the next time I rode him. I've also got a ton of work to do on my position. My old hunter habits just creep up anytime I loose concentration. Lots to work on.

So, why the focus on all this all of a sudden? Aside from the typical personal advancement/achievement aspect of everything, I am taking Gentry to two registered shows in July, and doing training level. If anyone is interested, and possibly also attending, the show is in Bozeman, MT and is called Dressage under the Big Sky I & II. You can find info on it here: or on Facebook.

As much as I would like to show him more than that this summer, I don't think I can swing it. Next year is another story though. I'd like to show him 1st level and start earning points toward my Bronze medal. That means I'll probably have to do more than two shows next year, unless we just magically rock 1st level. I have to give credit to Sprinkler Bandits for inspiring me to think big once again with my riding and deciding to go for my Bronze. I don't know that Gentry can make it to 3rd level given his conformation, but I am certainly willing to try. I can alway finish it up on another horse if I need to. So that is my vague plan in terms of our training and showing.


  1. Wish I could come see the big guy show in person, but like you said, kids change everything lol. Also Happy 4th to JR :)

  2. How exciting! I don't know how you survive without lessons -- I'm so spoiled with lessons TWICE a week now, I never want to go back to even just 1, hah



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