December 25, 2015

Gentry The Skijor Horse

We woke up to fresh powdery snow falling on Christmas morning. By the time we opened our presents and finished our crepe breakfast, there was 6" of new powder on the snow-packed road. Today was definitely the day. The conditions couldn't have been more perfect (okay, the temperature could have been a tad warmer than 16ºF). Everyone put on their ski gear, I tacked up Gentry, and then we headed to our road. The result?

Skijoring was completely AWESOME; even JR and my 69 year old MIL gave it a go and loved it!

Hubs...the guinea pig.

Hubs very quickly decided this was safe and fun and wanted to go faster. I have now been informed that next time we can just start off galloping.
JR giving it a go with Hubs...very slowly at the walk. 
Anything we do JR wants to try and he was being very insistent, so...we let him do it. He was grinning ear to ear. My heart was in my throat the entire time, but I was assured that the rope would be dropped if anything went awry, and of course nothing did. Then my MIL put on her ski's. She was completely stoked and didn't want to stop! I think we have found a new winter past-time and Gentry and our dog Burke seemed to enjoy it too!

On a side note, my dressage saddle harness set-up worked great. And despite my worry that the nylon rope would be slippery, it worked just fine.




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