December 14, 2015

Barn Gifts

You know the drill. It's the Christmas season. You come strolling into your barn's tack room, and hanging from your bridle hook, or sitting in your brush box, is your barn present from your barn owner/manager person. These are generally handy things including brushes or curry combs and horse treats. Maybe even a human treat or two.

As a boarder I always enjoyed the generosity of my barn manager's. I also returned the favor and brought gifts for the barn staff. Now that I have a couple boarder's of my own, it was time to start organizing my Christmas spirit. I may have gotten overzealous this year, but hey, it happens.

This year, after being a bit of a lame-o last year, I decided to step it up a bit and I got both of our boarders a C4 belt that matches their saddle pad colors. Both girls are/were eventers/ everything in the tack room is color coordinated. Frankly, I love this. I thought a belt would be the perfect additional bling.

Behold the loot (and I don't think they read this blog...if they DO, I hope that they can still pretend to be surprised).

The C4 Belts Arrived! Now time to wrap.

While I was at it, I got another belt for my non-horsey 12-year old niece (because the belts are I hope that cool...and I had no clue what else to get her pre-fashionista city-kid self), and of course one for me. Bonus, I got a black and white reversible saddle pad to add to my vast quantity of white saddle pads. Am I adventurous or what? One entire side is BLACK! Not white!

My C4 beauty!

Not one to hold back in the world of bling and colors...I got all matchy-matchy with my black and white horse and black and white dressage self. I think the combo of my new belt and future stock tie will be perfect for both schooling and the dressage court! Seriously, I do love all the black and white dressage stuff. Maybe it's just because I like a lot of clean saddle pads, but at the same time I hate sorting laundry. Having all of your pads white makes it easy to wash, bleach, and keep white... but, I digress.

Future stock tie...still need to order this puppy. Can't wait!

With all the new loot, we are one step closer to at least looking like we can ride training level. Now we just need winter to go away so we can get back to riding in the arena and start practicing the training level tests. Specifically our canter transitions.




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