October 12, 2015

Fall Quick Pic's

I've had Gentry for a year now (year and one month) and I had meant to do a post on that back in September, but clearly I completely failed that. So, I thought I would at least take advantage of the beautiful weather out and take a couple quick pics to compare to last year's October photos.

Despite Gentry being completely filthy in these photos (I did say quick photos..had to hurry during JR's nap-time) he's still super shinny with his BLACK winter coat growing in. Swoon. Now only time will tell if the copper/zinc supplement is doing anything and keeps him from fading. In comparing the two photos he does seem a bit more black in today's photo compared to last years. I also like to imagine that his neck has gotten longer. I'm sure it is just my imagination!

I am planning on bathing him this week during our glorious and unusually warm fall weather and then hope to take some proper conformation photos. Till then, feast your eyes on this:

October 2015
(oh yeah! we are painting our barn...soon to be red!)

October 2014


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