August 19, 2015


I forgot to post this in July. Better late than never?

We have gravel roads around our house. They are in great condition and are wonderful to ride on, even right after a rain storm. However, they wear down the horses feet extremely fast! I had hoped to keep Gentry barefoot, but despite having overall great feet they were no match for the 1/2 mile trip down the gravel road to the arena.

After having constant arguments with Gentry about the fact that we DO NOT ride in the grass ditch, I called up my farrier and arranged for front shoes to be put on Gentry at his next appointment.

I am so glad I did.

It was Gentry's first time getting shoes (I assume), and per his general easy going nature, he was a champ about it. He was a little uneasy with the smoke from the hot-set, but otherwise stood nice and quiet in the cross ties the whole time.

Happy Shod Feet!

What I am happy about though, is that he is walking out down the Gravel roads like there is no tomorrow. It used to take us 15 minutes to ride down to the arena, and now it's only a 10 minute ride. That is a 33% improvement. Clearly his feet are no longer in pain, and it was the right decision to make.



  1. They look good! Apollo might need some too if we do rockier trails in the future

  2. yay shoes!! They make such a difference.

  3. Seems like the right choice for him!



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