August 21, 2015

Dressage Show #2

Gentry's second dressage show went very well. We did Intro A & B. Got nice scores in the 60's again, and had a really enjoyable time. We ended up with 1st place in Intro A and 2nd place in Intro B...and we actually had competition!

All settled in and working on filling up the wheelbarrow with hay.

About to enter the court...warming up at the trot.

When we arrived at the show the boys both settled down instantly. Got to munching hay and FALLING ASLEEP! The rest of the day when much the same. Gentry was nice and quiet during warm up, and I even had to ride with my whip. The tests went great and he loaded/unloaded like a champ. In fact, I was SO pleased with his behavior that I decided that this was the last show I'd drag him to this summer. He seems to have figured it out and is taking it all in stride. I really can't ask more from him than that this summer. No sense in putting him in another hunter jumper show doing walk-trot with a million other horses.

Now we can start taking lessons again, and work on our canter transitions. I plan on showing him in a couple schooling shows and two registered shows next summer at training level. Yikes! That is a real legitimate goal, with USEF points and everything!



  1. Well done! Gotta love a horse who falls asleep at the show haha :)

  2. Awesome, what a great horse he is!

  3. congrats! sounds like he's really figuring it out :D



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