July 18, 2015

Big Boy Bit

Gentry's steering has been dialed in for a while now. I no longer feel like I'm guiding a drunk sailor through Amsterdam's red-light district. So, yesterday I decided that it was time he graduated from the D-ring to his big boy dressage bit; a nice copper oval-lozenge loose ring snaffle. I was curious to see how he'd do, so off we went for our ride.

Starting to look like a real dressage horse:
Loose ring and the bling-bling (I need more coffee)

We had the best solo ride to date!

Initially Gentry had some anxiety from being alone in the arena, but not much. He relaxed and got down to work fairly quickly. Whether it was the new bit, or him just becoming more schooled, I don't know, but he stretched onto the bit and through his back more than he has ever done before!

We worked a lot on canter transitions and transitions through gates, particularly the medium walk. That was our big weakness on his dressage test...the "sticky" walk. We have another dressage show coming up the first week of August, so I am focusing on improving that.

By the end of our ride, Gentry was a relaxed foamy mouthed mess. I couldn't have been happier with the little guy!


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  1. Aww, Gentry is growing up! Pretty soon you won't be able to call him green at all.



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