June 9, 2015

Visiting Rose

I was in Colorado this past weekend to visit some friends, and I got the opportunity to go visit Rose.

With Rose. My sweet girl.

A little dusty, but otherwise looking great.

Update on Miss Thing:

Rose continues to be the princess that she's always been. She looked wonderful. Did she remember me? If she did she didn't really show any affection. It was definitely just the same old same old indifference to my existence that she always had. I'm not sure if that made me feel good or not. Perhaps it's taken the edge off my pining for her a bit. Had she appeared ecstatic at my sudden appearance it would have been much harder to leave. She seems quite happy where she is at and her current owner is taking wonderful care of her.

Shortly after I sold Rose she had a bad hock injury in turnout, followed by lots of surgery, and then six months of stall rest. She healed and was in work again from July-February. Then she went lame again, had surgery again, and was still not quite right. So they decided to try and give her cortisone injections to see if that fixed the problem. The injection was just last week.

Rose. Oh, Rose.

Come to find out, Rose is one of the 8% of horses that is allergic to cortisone. She currently has a volley ball sized right hind hock from the reaction. It looks much smaller in the photo I took than it did in person.

Where does that leave Rose then? Well her new owner has now scratched rehab, beyond turning her out for a year. If she's turned out then she might as well make babies, yes? YES! I am so excited to see what stallion she chooses and how the baby comes out. Maybe, just maybe, baby #2 will end up in my pasture...just a wild and crazy thought. The timing would be perfect.



  1. Aww, poor Rose! Glad you got to see her though.

  2. poor girl! will be interesting to see if they go down the breeding path - keep us posted!

  3. Oh my goodness, poor Rose & poor new owner! That's such a bummer, but the prospect of a baby, that's super fun. I've visited some of my old horses too and they remembered me, two even nickered! Something they rarely if ever did when I owned them. That was tough!!!!! I knew they were in great new homes but the thought that they missed me was rip your heart out hard. Who knows what they were really saying though...maybe just like "good to see ya" or "heyyyy it's my old carrot dispenser!" Not like "Imissyouwhydidyousellme????"

  4. Well, at least that's a productive use of downtime and funny you could start her offspring.

  5. A Rose baby - love that idea for you! So happy you got to visit with her.

  6. What an ordeal! Glad she is loved and cared for despite all the trauma.



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