June 29, 2015

Dressage Show

I helped organize a combined training schooling show this weekend that was once again held at Tri-H. This meant that Gentry got to go to his first dressage show. I entered him in Intro B, and thank goodness we were the 2nd ride of the day at 9:08am. It was already 75ºF when we rode! Mid-day the temps were in the upper 90's.

When we arrived at 6:45am, both the boys hopped off the trailer nice and calm. They seemed to remember where we were from last month, and settled in much more quickly. Being a combined training (CT) show vs. a hunter show, everything was much more laid back and calmer in general too.

It was a schooling show, so aside from bathing Gentry the night before, cleaning my tack, and washing my breeches, there really wasn't much show prep to stress either of us out. After he settled in his stall, I tacked him up and started schooling around 8am. He was a little anxious in the large outdoor arena when the barn staff were turning out horses, but he quickly got down to business without much fuss. I was quite happy with him, so I didn't work him too hard, or for the full hour. We schooled just enough to assure that he was listening to my cues and was halting and trotting off nicely. Then they called us in the gate and off we went. My entire goal was that he would trot (not tranter) and stay in the court. Anything above and beyond would be icing on the cake!

See for yourself!

I was so pleased with his test I couldn't resist giving hugs and scratches immediately in the court after our final salute! I was amazed at how calm he was for a horse that hasn't ever seen a dressage court or judges booth. I didn't care what our score was I was so happy with him. The only thing I felt that really needed improvement was our medium walk. It was...a bit sticky, and my score card agreed with this.
Right After our Test. A little blurry, but I love this photo.
Later in the day we got our score. We earned a respectable 64.7% and a blue ribbon! If I wasn't already proud of the little guy before, I couldn't get the stupid grin off my face after that.
At the end of the day with his ribbon.

More interested in the grass than the blue...he's still a horse of course.

Today he's getting the day off, as the weather is still very hot by the evening when I can ride. But he can't have too much time off because we have the next CT show coming up on August 1 & 2. That will be a two-day show and I am really looking forward to it.



  1. congratulations - he looks so lovely and steady in that test! also the backdrop is gorgeous, what a beautiful location!

  2. He's a cutie! Glad you're having fun with him. :-)

  3. AnonymousJuly 01, 2015

    So exciting!! Congrats!

  4. Congratulations! That's awesome.

  5. Go Gentry! He is looking so good, and he's so quiet and relaxed in the ring, you'd never guess it was his first horse show!!



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