April 20, 2015

Creek Crossing

That's right my friends, I rode Gentry through our creek for the first time yesterday. It was clearly his first time walking through a creek. There was lots of snorting and questioning of the water, but after EB rode Hugo through it Gentry marched right on through and up the creek bank. I think my blood pressure went through the roof, as it was definitely the first time I've ridden through a creek in years. Probably about 15 years. Wow...I am getting old. We did it twice in total, once again on the way home and that time he continued his position as lead horse.

In other news, I am really sore today. I have actually ridden Gentry three times this week and longed him once. That is four days in a row of work for the little man...and me. His tendon appears to be holding up just fine with the walk/trot work we've been doing under saddle. In fact, the "lump" of scar tissue seems to be breaking down and smoothing out. Woo-hoo! All good stuff.




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