March 19, 2015

The Waiting Game

I am patiently waiting to start working with Gentry until the vet's okay on Saturday. Seriously, this takes a lot of will power. To ease my pain I longed Hugo today for EB. He was a stinker, as expected (he's been giving EB troubles lately on the longeline), but quickly realized that I was not going to play his game and fell into line. Twenty minutes later he stared at me like I just ran over his dog or something. Clearly the Alpha Mare put him in his place. Fingers crossed he is a good boy for EB next time she is out.

He is looking awesome and very ride-able at all three gates.

In the mean time, I literally have nothing to talk about in regards to training Gentry. Not wanting to put any stress on his tendon really eliminates most things other than grooming and shoving treats in his face. So, in lieu of anything else, I give you this morning's photo spam.

Gentry hadn't yet had his morning cup of Joe.

Okay, I took a serious one too.
Working from home, and having one's horses at home, certainly has some entertaining coffee break advantages.


1 comment:

  1. Aw the photo of Gentry yawning in the hay is adorable!!! Fingers crossed for you to be in saddle asap :)



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