March 10, 2015


Itching. I am itching to get on my horse.

No, I didn't get on.
I just wanted to see how the new saddle fit him.

I know he is still recovering...growing new tendon scar tissue and all. But when I see him careening around the pasture at a full gallop with Hugo, all-the-while looking basically completely sound, it is really hard to remember that.

The weather has warmed back up to high's in the mid-50's and all the snow has melted. Things are still a bit muddy, but a few days of sunshine will take care of that. Then I plan on riding. Riding Hugo that is. EB is happy to have the extra help getting him back in shape, and riding him should alleviate some of my desire to hop on Gentry.

The boy's have their spring shots and dental work scheduled for the 21st of this month, and I will have my vet take a look at Gentry then and tell me what he thinks about when and how I can start riding him again. I've more or less decided not to ride him until April at any rate, and I will not be jumping him this year. I really want that tendon to fully heal before putting that kind of stress on it. So far though, I am really pleased to see how fast he seems to be healing up now that he is back on full turnout. Happy Happy Joy Joy.



  1. He looks so handsome - his mane is so perfectly pulled!

    1. Thanks! When all else fails playing beauty parlor is always fun for me.

  2. I'm happy to hear he's feeling sound! April will be here before you know it :)

  3. yay hopefully the vet has good news during his next check up :)



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