March 22, 2015

Green Means GO!

Yep, that is right folks. Yesterday my vet gave me the all clear to start lightly riding Gentry! So that is just what I did. I was even given the all clear to start jumping him in the fall if I want, but I think I will still wait until next winter/spring. Give that tendon a whole year to heal up.

The morning started with a nice cup of Joe and breakfast for the boys while I soaked in some deliciously warm early morning sun. Hubs and I had gotten the trailer sorted out the night before, so once EB arrived there wasn't much to do but groom the horses, load them, and be on our way. Despite not having seen the trailer since November, the boys jumped straight on the trailer and hauled perfectly there and back. My vet took a look at Gentry's leg, EB discussed joint supplements for Hugo's hocks, they both got their shots, but didn't need teeth done (yay) so we were back on the trailer and home lickety-split.

Once home, the weather was still nice so EB and I hopped on the boys and went for a leisurely walking trail ride down to the arena with the intent to ride around in the park for a while. Well, EB would ride around; I would stand there happily sitting on my horse in my tack. Sadly, once we got to the arena the mother of all wind storms blew in, so we just turned around and headed home.

Post ride...all smiles!

Regardless of the short and breezy ride, Gentry was terrific. He was the bold calm leader that Hugo needs off property. I love this horse. He is seriously my rock. I am so glad that the healing process is going well. I also got to ride him in my new saddle finally too. I am very happy with the purchase. It fits both of us really well and is nice and comfortable.

*On a side note, the vet tech that day was one of the gals that were seriously interested in buying Rose. So we had a good time catching up and oddly talked a lot about chickens. Good times!



  1. Yay for riding!! That's great news :)

  2. yay!!! so glad to hear Gentry got the thumbs up to carry on!

  3. I'm so excited that you're back in the saddle!!



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