February 12, 2015

Update : Cannon Bone Wound - Week 5

Photo Update

Cannon Bone Wound - Week 5
We are slowly getting there. Gentry's skin is filling in more and more every time I change the bandage. This is what it looked like on Tuesday when I changed it. Finally there is nothing red visible in the wound! We are going on week 5 of stall rest now. I am hopeful that by next week I can stop bandaging it, and then I know the heeling will speed along (assuming no more infections). I will be sending this picture to the vet today to see what they say.

It has been about two weeks since the vet was last out during the cellulitis incident. Given that our weather has been in the 50's (sorry east coast people), sunny, and dry, resulting in good solid footing, yesterday I decided to pull Gentry from his stall and watch him walk. He is a little sore on his leg, as one can expect, but actually walked pretty well. I didn't see his foot buckle under at all. I am hopeful that means the tendon is on its way to being heeled up as well. Operation Freedom is on my mind non-stop these days. He continues to be a saint about his stall rest though, so that's good.



  1. Yay for healing, keeping my fingers crossed it all continues to go well!

  2. That's awesome. It sure looks like things are moving in the right direction.



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