February 27, 2015

Rocking the Dry-lot

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to give Gentry a few hours of more freedom in the dry-lot. After locking Hugo in the double stall, I let Gentry out of the pen that he had been in all day. Their was no silliness, beyond lots of rolling. Apparently the fresh snow felt good to him. Hugo was understandably cross about being in the stall, and it appear that he is a massive stall pacer. I am so glad that he's not the one that was on stall rest.

Since that went so well, this morning I simply swapped the boys places. Hugo went into the stall and Gentry is out in the dry-lot. Hugo continues to express his displeasure with the situation, but I imagine he can suck it up for one day. After-all, he has lots of yummy hay to keep him occupied.

Dry-lot Freedom

I placed Gentry's hay piles around the dry-lot to encourage him to move around more. While he was milling about he decided to chase my dog out of the dry-lot. That is pretty typical game the two of them play, but up until today Gentry hasn't really felt up to it. So, I was very excited to see him dip his head, pin his ears, and heard my dog out of the dry-lot. In the process he trotted a bit and cantered. The trot looked good, and he cantered with all four legs!

Conformation. For 6-weeks on stall rest, not too bad.
He definitely lost some muscle tone. Can't wait to get that back.

Cute fuzzy pony face

I am greatly encourage by his relatively sound canter that he displayed, so tomorrow I will move Gentry into the big pasture and put Hugo in the pen. I imagine the pen will be more to Hugo's liking than the stall. Fingers crosses all continues to go well. It would be nice to have them both in turnout together 24/7 soon!




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