February 25, 2015

Operation Freedom Commences & Week 7 Update

Last Wednesday, after working up to 20 minutes of hand walking, I started introducing turnout into Gentry's routine. I've been turning him out into our smallest paddock, which I call "The Pen". It is about 35'x35'. I started out with 1 hour, slowly working him up to full day turnout, but still stalling him at night. That was yesterday. He's doing great and his leg felt really good.

Gentry in his small turnout pen

Cannon Bone Wound - Week 7
The only problem with introducing controlled turnout, is this guy.

At first I tried letting them share a fence. But that was anything but controlled. I have since solved the problem of zoomies, bucking, face fighting, and rearing over the fence with separation. I put a big 'ole gap between them.

Together...but not
Now that Gentry is back on full day turnout I will start to let him have some turnout in the bigger dry-lot (1/4 acre). However, not until the footing is good again, and it will still have to be controlled. So, my solution to that will be to put Hugo in the stall while Gentry is stretching his legs. Again, starting with an hour, and them working up to all day. After that, I will put Hugo in the pen, and Gentry out in the pasture. Once he seems to be finally moving well on his leg at all three gates, I will let the boys share a fence-line, and then have turnout together. I figure this plan of action will take a few weeks total, weather dependent of course.

I am probably over thinking the whole thing, and should just let them be together. But I really don't' want to risk Gentry re-injuring himself or a permanent lameness. Right now he walks fine, and trots okay. But half the time when he tries to canter he holds up his hurt leg, and does a rather impressive tripod canter. I think that once I see him cantering with all four feet, will be when it is time to let them be together. So, for now it seems prudent to try and minimize/eliminate their roughhousing.



  1. I'm sure he's glad for the turn out time. As for 'over thinking', my opinion is better safe than sorry!

  2. Replies
    1. Oops- faulty mobile app! Anyway - I agree w Dom- you won't regret taking this slow and steady. Still - it's so exciting that he's doing so well!

  3. Slow and steady wins the race, IMHO



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