February 9, 2015

I Made Some Jumps!

I am apparently an insane person who likes to torture themselves buy building fun things that I cannot play with. Gentry is on stall rest, and all the snow/ice melted, so what do I do with my spare time? I build some cross country jumps, but of course!

Okay, calling them jumps is kind of a joke. They are more of tall cavaletties than jumps, but hey, they are jumps.

Tiny Cross Country Jumps
So pretty in the morning sunlight!

The log jump is about 14" high and the ex is about 6" in the center, and 9" on the ends. Seriously, tall cavaletties. This summer I plan on securing both jumps and making the ex taller with the use of additional rail road ties that we have laying around the property. Right now the log and the cross poles are just sitting on top of the rail road ties. At some point we will be doing a bunch of earthwork on the property to re-do all the landscaping and create terraced retaining walls. I plan on taking advantage of the heavy equipment and installing a bank jump somewhere. In addition, down by the arena, there are some old barrels that I plan on turning into jumps down in park area.

Depending on how Gentry's recovery goes, I might just start looking for a horse to lease for the summer, if he's going to be on stall rest for that long. Or at least play with Hugo on days when EB can't make it out to ride. Then I will be able to play with the jumps. So, I'm mot really torturing myself with the whole jump building thing...right?



  1. Nice jumps! I think I'm going to give that job to my husband and dad this summer. My parent's new house has a big garage (or a jump making studio).
    What have the vets said for Gentry's healing time?

  2. Those totally count as XC jumps in my book!

  3. Looks awesome!! A bank would be fun, a simple ditch would be easy enough to dig up and frame too!

  4. the jumps look great!!! and my fingers are crossed that Gentry will be ready sooner than you think :)



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