February 16, 2015

Clean ALL the things

Stall rest, is fun! Is it not?

There are so many things that I can do with my time now that the weather is glorious. By the way, in case you are unfamiliar with Montana, we are experiencing April/May weather...not February. The reason most people don't flock to our state to live here is because we generally live in a frozen wonderland. Pretty, but cold. It takes a special kind of crazy person to live here. That being said, hey, East Coast, we want our snow back!

Despite that, I still enjoy warm weather. But my horse is out of commission. So, I can't ski, can't ride...what can I do? Well, all my tack that has been sitting in plastic tubs was begging for a good cleaning this last weekend. So I opened up the barn to let it air out, grabbed a chair, a beer, and got to work. My tub of Antares Saddle Conditioner is now empty. However, all my beautiful leathery things are now cleaned and conditioned and begging to be used.

Tub of Tack Hoarding Joy
For my dressaging days...

and the jumping days.

Or sold.

There were a few pair of reins that I know I will never use that I should pass down the road (black rubber reins and black web reins). Most everything else I do have a use for, or may at some point. For instance my figure eight caveson, standing martingale, spare stirrup leathers...and ONE MILLION girths.

I am a girth hoarder, and I had no idea.

I have both dressage girths and jumping girths in every single size. This happened because of Rose. As she grew I got new girths and then just put the old ones in storage. Then they accumulated. I will continue to hoard them though. I do still plan on getting another horse in the future, and I am TIRED of buying new tack. It is fun an all, but I love the tack I have.

I just don't need anymore girths.

That being said, I am intrigued by that Total Saddle Fit girth that has been plastered over social media as of late. I just cant figure out how it is any different than my Keiffer Anatomical girth. So I am wondering if it is really all that great, or they just happened to hire a great social media marketing firm. I leaning toward marketing, but if anyone out there would like to encourage my girth hoarding habit and is experienced with that girth...tell me all about it!



  1. yay for tack cleaning!!! couple bloggers have positively reviewed the total saddle fit girth (cob jockey comes to mind), and the price is certainly better than other anatomic girths. (i think the big claim to fame is the 'offset' of the girth, rather than just having cutouts for the legs)

    my saddle fitter doesn't much care for the TSFs tho... not entirely sure why? tho i managed to snag a pessoa anatomic girth from tack of the day recently and am very happy with it

    1. See, my Keiffer is also offset. And frankly it was slightly less expensive. They seem to be nearly identical.

  2. Want to come to my house and clean all of my tack too?! lol



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