February 18, 2015

Cannon Bone Wound Update - Week 6

Gentry's wound has started healing up really nicely since removing the bandage. I am always struck in amazement by how fast surface wounds on horses heal. He is now bandage free and we have worked up to 15-minutes of hand walking.

Cannon Bone Wound - Day 43

I have not seen him take one funny step or his hoof buckle under since moving him to the double stall and starting the hand walking. This is all such a relief.

Double Stall Luxury...almost the Ritz, is it not?

Now for the really good news!

After speaking to the vet tech this morning (my vet is out until Friday), starting this afternoon I am going to capitalize on the good footing and weather, which is predicted to vanish this coming Friday, and start introducing turnout in our small exercise paddock. Despite the glory of the double stall, I cannot wait to see him back in full turnout once again. Fingers crossed it goes well and he is not too much of a knuckle head in the small paddock.



  1. super exciting!! he looks cool as a cucumber, but if he does get a little silly in full turnout, better to have it on good footing!! good luck!



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