February 6, 2015

Cannon Bone Injury Update - Week 4

Hail Mary, the cellulitis went away! The SMZ's and bute did their job as planned, and I didn't have to do any extra treatments (e.g. sweat wrap) to rid Gentry's hock of extra swelling. Also, when I changed his bandage on Wednesday, it was noticeable that his wound has finally "filled in", for lack of a better term. By filled in, I mean that when I wiggle his skin there is no movement on the sub-layers of skin. There was also no fluid that I could squish out and everything just looks clean and healthy, all-be-it still rather gross. Obviously there is going to be a scar, but I don't think anything can be done about that at this time. At least the skin on the sides that took the stitches has healed up perfectly. You can barely even see where the skin was cut now.

Right now I just want Gentry to be sound. After-all, I didn't buy him to be a halter horse, but a doing horse. So big deal if there is a little scar in the end. I care more about that tendon healing up correctly.

We still have healing to do before leaving the bandage off, but it all seems to finally be heading in that direction. Now that the cellulitis is gone, we are back to bandage changes every other day. It is nice to be back to a more regular stall rest routine now of simply feeding, filling water tubs, and throwing hay. Hurrah! Once his wound is fully healed, then I will have the vet out again to take a look at him walk and determine if the tendon is okay for Operation Freedom.

Photo Timeline Update

Cannon Bone Injury Wound - Week 4



  1. Cellulitis is no fun! Glad it's gone

  2. glad he's improving!!

  3. So glad it is healing again!

  4. So happy to hear the evil cellulitis is gone! :)



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