February 19, 2015

Buck Brannaman Clinic

This past Monday I got the opportunity to go spectate a Buck Brannaman clinic in our town. If you don't know who he is, you should. He is "The Horse Whisperer". The character in the movie was based on Buck, and he also happens to be from our local area. Not from my town per-say, but one near by. There is also a great documentary about him on Netflix called "Buck".

Anyway, his daughter Reata Brannaman has started teaching the colt starting class at Montana State University here in Bozeman (click here for the class FB page if you are curious). This is her second year teaching the class, and I have to say I am impressed. It is a night and day difference from what the class, students, and colts looked like in the past. Honestly, in the past, anytime the colt starting students would come into the arena I would get the heck out of there. I hope these kids have half a clue how lucky they are to be learning from Reata. It almost makes me want to go back to college...almost.

Now, Buck Brannaman, because is he just an awesome human being in addition to being a legendary horseman, donated his time for free to do the clinic with Reata's students and all the spectator's donation money went to fundraising for the colt class. This all meant that for $20, I supported a great local cause and I got to absorb 4-hours of Buck's knowledge. I sat thereon my bench cushion, packed in like a sardine among 400 other people, in awe, not moving an inch the entire time. I took some great notes that I cannot wait to put to good use on both Gentry and Hugo.

I have also now resolved to save up the cash to attend one of Buck's four day Horsemanship 1 clinics with Gentry. I really wish I could have done one of his clinic's with Rose. I think it would have done wonders for her groundwork. Regardless, it will be a great opportunity for me and Gentry to get to clinic with him. Right now I am on a wait list for this year's August clinic. If I don't' get in, I will at least try and audit it.



  1. What an opportunity! That guy is amazing!

  2. super exciting that you got so much out of the clinic - and the four-day version sounds like a great opportunity too. i'd definitely love to read some of your notes on the session :)

  3. Buck is an amazing human. I watched a brief session of his at the Hoosier Horse Fair a few years ago, and then briefly met him. He had this calm, soothing energy about him. I instantly understood why he was so good with horses. I would LOVE to take one of his horsemanship clinics as well!



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