February 20, 2015

Bates Caprilli Jumping Saddle

I finally got my hands on a Bates Caprilli Jumping Saddle. No, it's not a CWD or a Devoucoux. Although I would love one of those, I need a saddle that is adjustable. I don't know what kind/size of horse I will own down the line with my next project, and I am TIRED of saddle shopping. I do hope to have a luxurious saddle in my future once again, but only after I am done raising and training babies. They change too often, and while I can justify owning one nice saddle, I can't fill my tack room with nice saddles of every different width (though I kinda wish I could).

I am itching to actually sit in it...

As adjustable saddles go, the quality ranking in my opinion goes something like this:

  1. Pessoa
  2. Bates (older versions, not the new Wintec ones)
  3. Collegiate
  4. Bates Wintec
  5. Wintec

I know some people that love Wintec saddles, and as synthetic saddles go they are probably pretty good. I dont' like synthetic saddles though. Also, in my opinion their leather work is horrid. So, given that Wintec purchased them a while back, I did not want a new Bates. I would also have been happy with a Pessoa A/O, but with quality and popularity comes price, and I just did not see one come available in my price range. I started shopping in September, and sometime in early January I finally found a Bates that fit the bill. I was so excited for it to arrive.

Then Gentry got hurt.

The saddle arrived two days later. Just my luck. I am really pleased with the quality of it. It was really well taken care of and will work great for us. Right now it is sitting in the tack room clean, conditioned, and ready to go....one of these days.



  1. I agree with you about the new vs older bates. If I was saddle shopping in that group ypu mentioned, I'd be looking for early 2000's on all of them I think.

  2. i hope you love it!! i'm pretty thrilled with my new-to-me bates as well (also of the older type), and agree that the adjustable tree for future horses (perhaps even one of my own?) was definitely a draw :)



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