January 10, 2015

Two's Company

Gentry has been an amazingly good sport about his stall rest and a model patient. I would love to get him out for some hand walking breaks, but the footing around the barn remains an ice skating rink. I am worried that we could end up doing more harm than good if he were to slip.

For example, on Friday I finished mucking his stall and was carefully teetering around the barn with a wheelbarrow very full of manure. Despite my efforts to remain surefooted, I stepped on a particularly icy patch and my feet flew right out from under me. I landed squarely on my sacrum and the wheelbarrow slid away and tipped over. As I lay on my side in agony on a fine dusting of fresh snow that covered the slick ice, I realized that this could be a really bad injury. Then I realize I had to get up before the snow melted and I got all wet and cold. At that point I further realized that I couldn't leave the wheelbarrow and pitchfork in the paddock with Hugo, and no one else was home to help me. I would have to get up.

I managed to do just that. Quickly, I assessed that I could indeed stand and walk, and although I was in pain it was not excruciating. Hope washed over me that this meant I didn't break my sacrum. Carefully I righted the wheelbarrow and proceeded to re-fill it with all the spilled manure. Bending over seemed to be the action that caused the most pain, so I finished my task as quickly as I could. Then very tentatively I continued on my original route with the wheelbarrow to the manure pile.

Luckily, thanks to a few Moscow Mules and Advil, I was able to sleep last night and woke up in slightly less pain this morning. Advil continues to be my friend, but given that the pain has subsided, I am fairly certain I have only bruised my sacrum and I can avoid a trip to the doctor.

Well, now at least Gentry is in good company. When it comes time to muck his stall this afternoon though, I may just ask Hubs if he can dump the wheelbarrow for me. I am thinking that it might just be time to dump a very large quantity of sand on the super icy patch or to purchase some crampons!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Ouch! Hope you are 100% soon

  2. oh no - that sounds super painful!!! feel better soon :(



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