January 23, 2015

Glorious Weather...but I'm Not Riding

I am so excited for EB this weekend. The weather is glorious. Sunshine and blue skies and the temps were unseasonably above 45ºF today! It should be a nice weekend for riding. So nice in fact, that I even forgot briefly that I don't have a horse to ride. Not even at the walk, not yet. Oh well.

Gentry is doing good. A lot of the ice has melted rendering the footing stable, so yesterday I let him out of his stall for five minutes. All he wanted to do was sniff noses with Hugo and eat hay with him. It was so sweet that it nearly broke my heart. I cannot wait to see him free and out of his prison stall.

Both happy to get to eat hay together

Tomorrow I will finally remove his bandage and start using standing wraps to transition his leg out of the bandage habit. The cut is looking really good and I don't think there will be much scaring, just a bit at the top. Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend everyone.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. aw gentry is such a good sport about it! enjoy the seasonably nice weather!

  2. Yay glad the cut is getting better!



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