January 19, 2015

Christmas Loot

*This was a previously scheduled post, that didn't happen when planned due to Gentry's cannon bone injury. I am still not riding though, because Gentry is on stall rest...still. Enjoy.


Since the weather has sufficiently determined that I would not get to ride this week, I thought I would share this year's horse related Christmas gifts. It took me years, but it seems that I have managed to train my family that if they are going to give me a gift to purchase me horse related items. I'd be perfectly happy with just their company for the holidays and no gifts, but I seem to have had a harder time training people to do that than to hit up a tack store. So, without further adieu...

The Loot

Breeches: Hub's got me a pair of fleece lined winter riding breeches from Tuffrider. He had gotten my the same pair in beige a couple years ago, right after I had Junior. However, I have since then lost my baby weight, so I needed a pair in a smaller size. These fit perfect, are perfectly warm riding in temps down to 15ºF (I haven't ridden in colder temps) and I love the grey color. It is nice to no longer have to wear long johns underneath my breeches!

Tuffrider Winter Breeches

Gloves: My folks got me some SSG winter riding gloves. I love the tan color and the leather is buttery soft and they are so nice and warm without being bulky. I am in love with these gloves. They also splurged and got me a pair of the SSG Rancher gloves, which I have yet to use, but seem equally buttery soft.
SSG Winter Riding Gloves

Blanket Bar: My Mom got me a Tough-1 Blanket/Tack Rack bar for the tack room. This will be nice for saddle pads to dry on once I get it up. I plan on buying a few more as well and stacking them on the wall space between the saddle racks.

Tack Room Saddle Pad Bar

Barn Lights: Hubs got me the new overhead light fixtures for the barn. They look fabulous sitting in the box and I cannot wait for us to get them up and get them put to work! They are Hampton Bay Warehouse Pendant lights in a Brushed Nickel Finish.

New Barn Lights
That is about it. A pretty good group of Christmas gifts. Thank you to my family for your generosity once again!

Happy trails and swooshing tails! 


  1. Great gifts!! I really want some of those fleece lined breeches!

  2. Fleece lined breeches sound amazing!

  3. Living in my fleece lined kerrits these days, but I feel like a wimp now, it's only 50 here!

  4. Fleece lined breeches?! I need some of those!

  5. Very nice :) My husband got me Kerrits winter riding tights that are fleece lined - love!

  6. I;ve been eyeing those breeches, but seems so pathetic to need them in 50+ degree weather

  7. wow they got you some really great stuff - a perfect mix of practical and fun! love those gray breeches too



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