January 14, 2015

Cannon Bone Injury Update - Week 1

Gentry remains a model patient. Honestly, I couldn't deal with being stuck in a 10' x 10' stall for a week and I am 1/10th his size. I give him huge, HUGE, H-U-G-E props for being such a sport! It does break my heart when he looks at me with those sweet lovey dovey eyes that are clearly communicating "but why?". Seriously, I feel like such a villain. It is for the best though, and that is what I tell him every single time that I stuff his face with cookies.

On Sunday we finally got a few inches of good snow. A little bit more fell on Monday as well. This is a good thing because the snow, for whatever magical scientific reason, actually breaks up the ice. Perhaps one of my readers is educated on this subject and can fill me in. Regardless, more cold frozen water fell from the heavens and for some reason that caused the ice underneath to break up and stop being so slick.

That meant that on Monday I finally got Gentry out of his stall for 10 minutes of hand walking. G-Love was so happy. He took some big deep sighs. So big that I swear his tail even sighed. He had some nice relaxing body shakes and greedily drank out of the automatic waterer. He is tolerating the new heated water bucket in his stall, but clearly prefers the paddock auto waterer. However, I was shocked that he willingly, seemingly without thought, walked straight back into his stall. If I were him I cannot promise that I would have gone so willingly.

This horse is seriously the best thing since sliced bread. Perhaps I should of had his registered name be Gold Mine. It would have suited him perfectly.

We did another 10 minutes of hand walking Tuesday. By hand walking what I mean is we did a lot of walk, stop, sigh, sniff poop, drink water, walk, sniff poop, etc. At the super slow pace we were going, there was no notable lameness, so that was good at least. He is still snail walk pasture sound.

I also changed his bandage again on Tuesday. I changed it the first day, and then two days after that, and then again Tuesday. So that was my third bandage change and it is looking quite good. The skin has remained nice and tight with no inflammation. There was a tiny bit of swelling toward the bottom on tuesday, which I haven't noticed before, but it was also the first day that he hadn't had bute or antibiotics and that may have made a difference.

Here is a photo timeline:

Day 1 - Freshly Stitched Up

Day 2- First Bandage Change

Day 4 - Second Bandage Change

Day 7 - Third Bandage Change

More or less, I don't see any big changes from the first time I changed his bandage, and I am taking that as a good thing. He has been a really good boy about leaving his bandage alone, so I am hopeful that at this point I will only have to replace it every three days instead or two (or daily). Healing takes a while, and although the stall rest is certainly for the stitches to do their job, it is also for the tendoned he nicked to get a chance to heal up as well. So there is a lot more healing going on that we can't see. FIngers crossed that things continue to go as well as they are.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Wow I can see a huge improvement from the intial accident. He's lucky you are taking such good care of him and you're lucky he isn't spazzing out in his smaller area :)

  2. Good horses make all the difference in recovery. :-) Hang in there. He picked an ideal time to do this--no flies and too cold to ride anyways.

    1. SB, you make a really good point. Aside from having to carry a hose m the house to the barn everyday, it is in all other respects the most ideal time for a stall rest injury. And bonus, I now know that he's good about being in a stall, so I will have no worries about stalling him at a horse show for a weekend in the future.

  3. That looks like it is healing really nicely!

  4. so glad he's doing well with the r&r - hope it continues to heal apace!!

  5. Looks like he's doing great! And so great to have a horse who can handle it all so well. Worth his weight in gold!

  6. I agree, if it had to happen, best time, plus I'm sure the cold makes the swelling less likely, and probably feel better all around. The last picture is a great improvement!! And what a good boy for being so amiable about it all!



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