January 16, 2015

A Christmas Tree Treat?

*This was a previously scheduled post, that didn't happen when planned due to Gentry's cannon bone injury. He is still locked in a stall, not romping about enjoying the pasture. Not so much fun.


On New Years Day, Hubs and I were discussing whether to take our christmas tree to the regional tree drop location or just let it sit around until spring and burn it. Then I got an idea. I know that horses like to eat pine branches...but I wasn't sure if they would like subalpine fir. I figured if they didn't like it then they wouldn't eat it. Bonus...this would mean that I could plant firs in the pasture! If they liked it, then yummy special New Years Day snack for them.

This is how it went.
Initial Curiosity

Taste Test

Hugo Was Unimpressed

Gentry gave it another try...because, well, food is his thing

The Result? The tree has remained untouched since. Off to the regional drop pile it goes!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. That 2nd photo down needs to be on a holiday card :)

  2. eh it was worth a shot!!! lol



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