December 15, 2014


I had plans to go on a ride Sunday. The ground was beautiful and dry on Saturday, and temps were in the 60's. Then we woke up to what eventually topped off as 10" of powder. Yea for snowsports; Boo for riding. At least it is picturesque.

P.S. You might notice the two horses in our neighbors yard. Not his horses I assume. For some reason, all our neighbors horses are constantly getting out and they come to our house or our neighbors. People around here seem unconcerned with their lack of quality fencing. Anyway...they have been there since Sunday morning...and well they are still there tonight (Monday night). I think they belong to a neighbor caddy corner to us...but why hasn't she come to get them? As far as I can tell they don't have food or water and the gate seems to be closed, so it's not like they can wander home. It is a big mystery. I'm not quite sure if I should become the overly concerned nosy neighbor (and thusly potentially hated) or just let it all be. At the very least Gentry and Hugo are enjoying the extra company.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. beautiful picture!! and, uh, really odd about the loose horses that apparently nobody is looking for? i'd probably start making phone calls, but i also have maybe been accused of being nosy before so your mileage may vary lol

  2. It's kind of concerning that those horses don't have access to any food or water... But maybe that's just me lol

  3. Huh that's weird! I would definitely be the nosy neighbor!



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