December 19, 2014

Gentry Gives Pony Rides

This past weekend, before it snowed, we had great weather on Saturday. It would have been the perfect morning to ride, except that we had planned a family Christmas related outing for Junior that morning. It was a great local community event/fundraiser and we even met up with a couple of other families that we know. Later that day we even went to a White Elephant party with Junior. It was the MOST social day we've had since Junior was born! I digress..afterward the morning festivities one of the families we met up with came back to our house and we had a bit of a play date.

This was also the first time they had been to our new house or met our horses. Everyone wanted to meet them and feed them carrots, so off we went to the fenceline. I am so glad that we have some post and rail fence for this purpose. Electric fence is not so kid friendly!

The boys were so enthralled with Gentry and Hugo, I randomly asked if they wanted to sit on them. I was not quite prepared for the enthusiastic "Yes's", but was oh so happy to oblige! So, with Hugo standing tied and out of the way, one of us leading Gentry, and the other holding the boys, we let them sit on him and even walk a bit (always holding onto the boys for immediate dismount if needed...given the lack of helmets on hand). Gentry was a perfect angel and this was (with me anyway) his first "pony ride". His ears are not pinned by the way, he was just intently focusing on us and the boys on his back.

There isn't a photo of Junior because we were not as with it to ask our friend to take a photo while he was up. Next time!

You can see the storm brewing in the background of the photos. That should of been my first clue that it was about to start snowing and there was no way that I was going to get to ride that day or any time soon. And snow it did, literally the moment our play date ended and our friends headed out our driveway.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Gentry just looks like such a kind guy!! glad the kiddos had fun :)



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