December 22, 2014

Cross Ties

Gentry has made huge strides in the cross ties. After the third time in them he finally stopped attempting to paw at all and just stood quiet from the moment I put him in the grooming stall. I've been putting him in there after he eats his grain at lunch time, while Hugo finishes his up (he has a lot to eat). This gives me a chance to groom Gentry, even if he doesn't need it, and for him to get conditioned to the grooming stall. It also negates me having to play grain referee while we wait for Hugo to finish up. At this point I feel completely comfortable with him in the cross ties, and my farrier even trimmed him in the ties the other week. Such a good boy!

He's so chill I can even leave the throat latch open on the halter for grooming.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Good boy Gentry! He is too cute :)

  2. Yay! Good boy! Also I don't believe any horse ever doesn't need grooming. Even if they are clean it's beneficial and great for bonding! I need to get back to grooming Chrome every day even when I'm not riding or he's not dirty. He loves it so much. :D

    1. With our current weather, and no indoor, it is the only "horse time" I get these days!

  3. yay Gentry!! i tend to neglect cross ties bc i want horses to stand for me without tying.... but it really is so important for them to know how to tie. you've got me inspired to work on this again!

  4. Emma, that sounds like a great winter time groundwork project as well!



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