November 23, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods

Due to the arctic weather, it has been a couple weeks since I've ridden Gentry. However, in the last few days we've had temperatures in the 30's & 40's and a lot of the snow has melted. This of course has resulted in a lot of slippery ice, but for the most part we now have bare ground.

EB and I decided that we would tack up the wooly mammoths and head out for an afternoon trail ride down to the arena. This was the first time for both of us and the ponies riding down to the arena. It was also my and EB's first trail ride together...ever! We had a great time. Gentry is a natural lead horse and really walked out well. So much so, that I had to stop and wait for long legged Hugo to catch up with us.

The cows that I had been dreading for so long have been moved to a winter pasture somewhere else, so I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see how Gentry would do with them. I am guessing he'd be fine. There will come a point that we will find out about that sooner or later. Definitely not something to fret over.

On our way to the arena we had to cross a small vehicle bridge that the creek runs under. Both horses were terrific about the partially frozen bubbling brook. So, bridge creek crossing check! To get into the park we had to ride the horses through a small, yet horse sized, pass through. They both did great with that as well.
Riding in the park arena at last!

Once we got to the park we rode around in the arena for a little bit. I was pleased to see only one gofer hole that I will need to fill. Otherwise the grass footing was surprising good and even. It was actually weird riding on level ground. I am already hooked though and I cannot wait until spring to mow and/or till it all up! I also have grand plans for mowing a track in the big open field area and build a couple simple cross country jumps.

EB and Hugo in the distance.
After playing in the arena we rode the horses through the woods along the creek following some deer track "trails". Gentry seemed to be having a grand time and was such a good boy. I can't remember having such an enjoyable and relaxing trail ride in years!

Smiling ear from ear, but sadly with frozen fingers (must get winter riding gloves) we headed home. hopefully we can keep these winter trail rides going until spring returns and we can seriously ride again.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. A park arena? Cool!! Gentry is so gorgeous! I love him. Chrome is a great lead horse that walks out really well too. Don't you just love that?? I love your snowy mountains in the background. Such a pretty view!

  2. That's awesome. What a great buy he was.

  3. wow that arena looks like a beautiful place to ride!!! glad you guys had such an enjoyable outing :)



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