November 9, 2014

Log Jump

Yesterday I decided to get a ride in on Gentry before the predicted arctic blast hit us. Prior to and during our ride we were graced by what looked like a hay fire over the hill. I couldn't ride at any other time during the day, so we just had to bear breathing the smoke. It passed rather quickly though, and luckily the fire appeared to be out and not headed our way.

Smoke cloud building behind Gentry

The smoke cloud blew our way; Hugo standing along the fence

Gentry, doing what he does best; looking cute waiting for tack
Gentry was a good boy as usual. I am struggling to get used to riding on uneven terrain though. It is hard enough to fine tune a young horse's ability to keep a consistent tempo and rhythm, throwing hills into the mix makes it far more complicated. I need to get the courage to ride down to the arena by myself. I am just weary of those cows! Plus I would like to do it on day two of riding, not on day one. Lately I have only been able to ride once a week, due mostly to weather and lack of evening daylight.

Riding once a week also poses other problems. Despite being a level headed and all around good boy, training doesn't exactly progress much if you only ride once a week. So, that is also a bit frustrating for me, but I am trying to take it in stride. Despite that we did get some W/T/C in and even went over a little log jump (which I am in the middle of building).
First x-country jump!
Junior, jumping the log for size comparison...and cuteness!
I haven't tried jumping Gentry yet, due to lack of jumping saddle. I am not a fan of jumping in a dressage saddle, but I couldn't resist and figured I could walk/trot over a little log in my dressage saddle. He did just that. Walked and trotted over it without missing a beat. Didn't even attempt to jump it. I guess we will have to make it bigger. I will need a jumping saddle at that point though!

Trail ride cool down around the "hood". I am loving this!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Hugo at fence is gorgeous photo

  2. Looks like fun! I love the second photo!

  3. Love the photos! I'm glad you had a good ride! Don't let the cows stop you from going to the arena. I was such a chicken about riding Chrome past other horses and now we do it like it's nothing. I don't think he ever would have been a problem. It was me holding us back, not him. I'm glad you have an arena you can go to. Riding a green horse without one especially in the winter isn't fun at all lol. Stay warm!!!

  4. omg that log jump (and accompanying baby) is too cute, and glad gentry is being such a good boy!

  5. Gentry says log jumps are nbd.

  6. Man you have such a great backdrop :) And I see I'm not the only one that uses a toddler as a measure of jumps.

  7. Gorgeous country!! And your LO is too cute, glad your new hoss is such a good boy!



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