November 3, 2014

Hematoma Lancing - One Week In

Warning: The following photos contain blood and anyone with a queasy stomach may not want to read this post. However, I found it fascinating. Maybe I should have become a vet...

Thank you for all your helpful comments regarding Hugo's hematoma. It is nice to know that this isn't as rare of a condition as I originally thought. I just hadn't come across it  before. Over the last week the hematoma has stopped filling up and as of today, it doesn't seem like anything is draining out anymore. Here is how the week went in terms of keeping an eye on it and treatment.

Monday: The lancing on Hugo's rump occurred that afternoon. A couple hours later it had filled up with fluid again, as the drain hole was already attempting to close up. EB was still at the farm, so she got some sterile gloves and the hose and got it draining again. Hugo got antibiotics in his grain.

Tuesday: In the morning I noticed fluid was building back up. That afternoon during Junior's nap time, donning my latex gloves, hose, and sterile gauze pads, I opened the drain hole up again and got the fluid out. I was shocked by the pressure build up and how fast the fluid spurted out. When it was all drained, I washed up his leg with shampoo as it was so coated in blood and body fluids that it had a crusty silver sheen to it. He got antibiotics in his grain.

Fluid build up

Fluid draining

All drained
Wednesday: No fluid in the AM. EB came out in the evening and drained the little bit of fluid that had built up. He got antibiotics in his grain.

Thursday: No fluid build up. Drain hole appeared to be staying open and doing it's job. He got antibiotics in his grain.

Friday: Same as Thursday. Last day of antibiotics.

Saturday: Still no fluid build up, but the discharged has turned into a bubbly off-white froth. EB spoke with the vet who said so long as it's not pus (it wasn't), he's not sore to the touch, and otherwise in good health he is fine. EB came out with a can of vaseline and coated below the drain hole and his leg with it to prevent scalding.

Off white bubbles

Sunday: Still some bubbly discharge, but otherwise fine.

Monday: Very little discharge, but no more bubbles. No filling. This morning the drain hole seemed to be healing up, but this afternoon there was still a small amount of transparent discharge trickling out.

Very little discharge
That's where we are today. I was very happy to see the state of his wound this morning. Personally I would have wanted him to be on a 10-day antibiotic course, but he does seem to be doing just fine. I suppose I just get overly concerned about infection when I can't bandage a wound. However, I suppose the constant draining also keeps the wound somewhat clean. At anyrate, Hugo seems to be doing well and I am hopeful that his recovery continues to go so smoothly.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. So happy he's doing better!

  2. thanks for documenting and sharing this - definitely a dramatic looking situation, but apparently fairly easy to care for? in any case, hope it heals up quickly!

  3. Looks like its healing up pretty nicely!

  4. Wow! Super neat.

    I'm glad he's doing better!

  5. Yay! I'm glad he's doing well!!



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