November 13, 2014

12' Stock Panel Run-In Shed

One of our pre-winter tasks was to put up a windbreak on the run-in shed.Given our limited budget for this project and deciding it was best to match the existing barn siding, we used really inexpensive, one might say "Ghetto", plywood siding. Please don't judge. Someday I will have a barn with heavy wood timbers, with a combination of natural cedar siding and dry stacked stone facade. I will darn it! For now though, I have inexpensive, weathered, but fully functional plywood siding. It works, and I'll take it.

Our dilemma with this project was how to attach the siding to the existing stock panels. The 12' stock panels came with the property and we have no other use for them, so we decided to just keep using them the way the previous property owner's did. Hence our "inspiration" for this getup.

On the two existing plywood panels that the old owner put up, he attached them with home made steel brackets. That guy really loved his welding and steel fabricating machines! We don't have the ability to do that though so we needed another solution. After perusing the shelves at the hardware stores and coming up empty handed with anything that would provide a tight fit around the stock panel bars, I randomly suggested zip-ties. To my utter SHOCK Hubs actually thought that would work okay. So, that's what we did folks.

Here is the DIY step by step to our ghetto fabulous stock panel run-in shed walls. Enjoy!

Before: Stock panel mounted to barn and post

Sizing up the plywood panels

Snapping temporary line and cutting plywood panels
Drilling holes on top and bottom, of top and bottom stock panel bars, on left and right side of  each plywood panel. 

Drilling holes
Supervisor, doing his job well

Install the zip-tie around the bar

Installed zip-tie, exterior view

Pause to re-hydrate and appreciate the finished product
Finished! Interior view

Finished! Exterior view
Now we need to put some primer on these babies, and wait until we figure out house paint colors. It might be ghetto fabulous, but it will look much better once the barn has fresh paint and matches our house!

We had one more to do on the other side of the barn. Gentry donated some more horsepower!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. awesome! i'm 100% about function first and foremost. you can always pretty it up later. also - zip ties for the win! they feature heavily in a diy project i just did too - so easy! tho i put the closures of my zips on the exterior side to avoid any chewing or sharp edges, but not sure how relevant that is to your project.

  2. OMG zip ties! I love it!! You're so smart. I use those things for everything, but I never thought about using them for this. It looks really good.



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