October 7, 2014

Shiny Pretty Things...

Or a clean horse at least!

I finally managed to give G-Love a bath this weekend. I was worried that the beautiful weather we were promised would not materialize, so when it was partially sunny and about 60 degrees with no wind, I got the job done (of course it has been in the 70's both yesterday and today, doh).

Post Bath, all dry
Gentry was very good about it, although he was clearly not pleased with our very cold well water. I took it easy on him and did not wash his loin area or head. Someday I hope to add a small water heater to the barn. In order to get that though, I am pretty sure I will have to launch a full on political campaign to convince Hubs that horses need warm water baths. He's not yet convinced that it is a "necessity".

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Such a handsome boy! I love how dark and shiny he looks.

    1. Me too! His faded summer coat is rapidly shedding and nice dark winter hair is coming in. I can't wait to see if he stays black next summer now that he is on LMF.

  2. Such a pretty boy when he's all cleaned up!!

  3. He seems like a good soul. Glad you have him. :-)

  4. oooh he looks lovely!!

  5. I love your new header! He is gorgeous!

  6. He is so gorgeous! Chrome isn't fond of how cold our well water is either lol. They get used to it though, but I rarely bathe if it's under eighty degrees. I love the new header picture too!



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