October 30, 2014

Mystery Rump Lump

On Sunday morning when we picked up Hugo, EB showed me a rather large lump on Hugo's rump. It wasn't hard, wasn't pitting edema and didn't look like and abscess either. It was a loose liquid filled sac. I had never seen anything like it. Neither had the BO at her old barn. None of us knew what it was.

Hugo was sound though, so it wasn't a muscular tear and although it seemed like something the vet should look at we both figured it could wait until Monday. Unless of course it magically went away overnight. In that case I would sit around my house eating bon bons all day Monday instead of taking a trip the vet. Only time would tell. Either way, the ubiquitous emergency Sunday vet visit was not deemed necessary. I think EB's wallet took a huge sigh of relief. The plan was to check it first thing in the morning and decide what to do about it then.

Mystery lump
After spending some time on Google and YouTube, my best guess was that it was a big hematoma. Are you curious to see if I was right? Stay tuned...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. hm, odd. hope it clears up soon or is deemed nbd!

  2. That is too weird! Hope it clears up soon!

  3. Yes I want to know because the girl across the street has a mare with a mysterious swelling too, only it's on her back and goes down both flanks. I've never seen anything like it!



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