October 11, 2014

Conformation Baseline

Conformation; October 5th, 2014

This is not the best photo ever due to wet coat, poor background, sun angle, and lack of helper. However, just incase I don't end up getting a conformation photo before Gentry turns into a complete fuzz ball I thought that this would be better than nothing. I am really curious/excited to see how he develops with consistent work over the next year.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. I love progress photos, looking forward to watching his progression!

  2. I'm excited too! Thanks for sharing this photo. I love progress photos. :D

  3. I really like how he's built!

  4. Ok now I am caught up on this blog too. Gentry is a gorgeous guy. I look forward to watching his progress.

  5. he's lookin good! and why is it that confo shots are so hard to take? i kinda wish someone would do a tutorial or something one day lol

    1. They aren't really that hard if you have help... trying to do it alone can be very difficult though! The key to a good one is having the sunlight behind you (try not to take them at noon) and to make sure the horse is standing even with his shoulders and haunches equal distance from you. If you stand too far toward his haunches or too far toward his shoulders it distorts things. Try to stand right in the middle. Also if you are tall and have a short horse crouching can be helpful. Actually the best thing you can do if you're using a camera is to get some distance and zoom in instead of trying to stand too close. With cell phones that's not possible. I think Renee actually did a good job with this one. My only complaints are that the sun is in front of him and the barn is behind him. An empty background is very helpful which is why I like to take mine on the road (it's level too where my yard isn't lol). Anyway I'm probably forgetting stuff, but if you ever need tips just let me know. :)



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