October 23, 2014

Can't Move Legs!

All dressed up...with places to go!
I have been on a riding roll as of late. I think I rode Gentry five times in the last week! I haven't had this much fun in a LONG time. I forgot how much I LOVE cantering up big hills. I am just trying to take as much advantage of this unusually glorious October weather we are having as possible.

In addition, I am finally organizing my tack room. I was able to find my half pad and Rose's old dressage boots. I decided to put the boots on Gentry to see how they fit and to see if he'd ever had boots on before.

His answer was NOPE. Then he looked panicked, dejected, and was unable to determine if he could possibly still walk. I laughed. Sorry, but I did. It was rather hilarious to observe. Then I made him walk around a bit before I realized that his current state of not wanting to walk was the perfect opportunity to take photos of him!

Help! It won't come off. It is eating my leg!
Clearly, Gentry had never had hind boots on before. The front boots didn't bother him at all, but he kept picking up his hind feet really high and walking like a drunk sailor in Amsterdam's red light district. It was seriously hilarious. For my own safety I took the hind boots off before our ride.

To get him desensitized to them, I plan on putting them on him for an hour a day, every day, in turnout until he gets used to them. Only then will we ride with them on. Normally, I would just longe my horse with boots on to get used to them, once I drove to whatever barn I was boarding at. However, since I now have the utter convenience of walking 100 feet to my barn at any given time, I am going the lazy turnout conditioning route. I do love having my horse at home. It rocks is so many ways!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. "walking like a drunk sailor in Amsterdam's red light district"--hilarious!

  2. haha that second photo - too cute! nice that his response is to freeze rather than go tearing around like a maniac

  3. Hahahaahahaha!! That's great. My dog walks the same way when forced to wear "clothes" lol

  4. Hahahaha!! Smart to take advantage of his inability to move to get pictures hehehe. Such a mean momma! ;) He is soooooo handsome! Having them at home is the best isn't it? I love it! This post really makes me want to put boots on Chrome to see how he would react but I don't have any.... hmm...

  5. He looks good in his "immobility boots" :P



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