October 29, 2014

A Buddy At Last

Now that our pasture fencing is up and running, it was time to move Hugo to the farm. On Sunday morning we headed over to EB's barn and picked up the big bay boy. He loaded like a charm and we headed home.

Not knowing how Gentry would react when we arrived with a new horse, I locked him up in the dry-lot before we left. That would allow us to unload Hugo without commotion and attempt to control the introduction. Regardless of my over planning, I wasn't worried about them getting along. They both have such easy going and nice personalities.

Once Hugo was unloaded I went to the dry-lot to get Gentry. At this point Gentry was still clueless that there was a horse present. He was too busy sunning himself behind the barn. That or he was pouting, upset that I locked in in the dry-lot away from his new found freedom and all the pasture grass.

I grabbed Gentry's halter and headed to the back of the barn. At this point he finally noticed Hugo, and the joy of life seemed to return to him. Despite being excited, he minded his manners and was easy to lead out to the big pasture. We had them stand about fifty feet apart and simultaneously took off their halters.

It was love at first sight. Not a squeal. Not a kick. Not a bite. They were instant buddies and did not leave each other's sight the entire evening. In fact, at 10:30pm I did my final night check on them. By the light of my flashlight I found them both curled up sleeping next to each other out in the pasture. It melted my heart!


Chilling in the dry-lot

Dinner Time

Attached at the hip

Best kitchen window view ever!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Love this! and that really is the greatest view EVER. Horses. Mountains. Perfection.

  2. Oh my gosh, that's awesome! They look so happy <3

  3. awww they luv each other!! so awesome :)

  4. That view is incredible. :-)

  5. LOVE! Absolutely! And the view is incredible!

  6. Wow, that is the greatest view ever. How awesome they are instant buddies!

  7. That is the best view ever! Also finding them sleeping beside each other on their first night is so awesome. :D I didn't realize you were bringing Hugo to the farm! Did you buy him? Lease him? Or is his owner just boarding with you? Details please because apparently I missed something. :)

  8. I didn't buy him, EB is boarding him with us.



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