September 22, 2014


Gentry got his first (with me) pedicure this past week. He probably could have gone another week or so, but I wanted my farrier JS to get a look at them before they got to long. I was also curious to see how G-Love would do with the farrier.

He did great! I should just start getting used to this horse being a perfect saint. Seriously, it is mind boggling to me. The only "bad" habit he has so far exhibited is that he stops to poop when I am riding him. That can (and will) be easily fixed.

For the record here are hoof photos post trim (2 days later, because in my excitement to see JS after an entire year, I forgot to take photos).

Left Front
Right Front

Left Hind

Right Hind
JS was pleased with his feet. My plan is to keep Gentry bare for the winter, and then depending on how he is doing in the spring with increased workload and riding on our gravel roads, probably shoe him. We shall see.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Hope he can stay barefoot! That would be really cool :D

    1. Me too, but we will see. I am overly cautious these days about the barefoot thing. No more sore toes in my barn!



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